15 things you dare NOT do during Valentines week

Yeah! We all know the happening days of lovebirds are about to arrive and so is the excitement level but wait, are you like ready with how to surprise or make them feel special? No? Well! You need to buck up in that case, as in a hurry you might end up doing something annoying or stupid! 

Take a sneak peek at the following points that might teach you something good! 

  • Come out those typical stunt-filled Bollywood movies as what happens in the films may not compulsorily work in real life.
  • You know you don’t have to be too blunt or desperate to have her being a part of your life! Hence, don't say those three magical words on the first date. 
  • Talk About The Past: No ways! Don’t even think of talking about things that have already taken place. No wonder what will engulf her mind over your experiences. 
  • Don't let your imagination take another steep. So kindly give her some time before it is a real thing.
  • Forget about getting close to other girls. You’ ll soon realize your mistake by her reactions, so better not go to that path.
  • Yeah! We know you love talking but girl you need to stop, it's your first date! Give him a chance to speak as well! Save those gossips to share with your girlfriends!
  • No no no! Don’t even think of buying that expensive Zara or forever bag for her just to impress her. Showing off your money won't help out for getting along with her. 
  • Cry babies you need to stop! Crying of surprise, of sadness, of happiness, of laughter, of frustration, of anger or of joy is a bad idea!
  • You know showing her what a spoilt brat is, will more likely be a bad idea! As she will surely revert back to a better and embarrassing version.
  • It sure looks good movies when rose petals are specifically blown over her but boys, you need to understand it takes over 20-30 minutes to set those hair be it straightening or curling them up! You never wanna ruin it? 
  • Don't get clingy, being dependent on the person you just fell in love might make them get irritated for sorting out your matter.
  • Even if your friends call you the prank master, don’t think about doing so with her on the first go! April 1st is still on its way!
  • No matter how much you love dancing and especially when it's your favorite song, let the date get over please! You can go home and dance as no is watching you!
  • Guys! Yes, we can see your muscles and toned body through that slim fit shirt, you don’t have to take them off to show us your hard work until the perfect time comes! 
  • Lastly, guys stop staring! You can glare but you don’t have to scan us! C’mon, no one is going to say yes to a guy who would not stop staring! 

So if you don’t want to get friend zoned by the beautiful or handsome someone special, make sure you DO NOT do these silly mistakes listed above.

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