Unknown facts about Valentines Day

And the Valentines day is around the corner. Lovers of all age group from across the world are busy making plans on how to impress their paramours, there are few who simply are enjoying being single! We are sure you must have thorough those love days but have you ever thought of how it all started or who was the one to express the love in 7 different way?

Take a sneak peek at our list of 10 fun-filled facts that we are sure you are not aware of!

  1. Valentine’s card, teddies, gifts and other valentine’s related stuff are banned in Iran since 2011. Not just Iran, some political troupe from India and Pakistan also every year protest against Valentine’s week for indulging western culture in the society.
  2. It is believed that dove which is the symbol of love chooses their lifelong partner on February 14th.
  3. The worldwide famous love day was first introduced in Japan in the year of 1936. Japanese single women reveal their crushes and love on Valentine's day by gifting chocolates to their boyfriend, husband or friends whereas men answer back on March 14th which is considered as a White day. 
  4. Americans spend around $277 million on Valentine cards every year and over 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every year across the world.
  5. 39,897 people in Mexico City broke the record for the world’s largest group kiss on Valentine’s Day 2010.
  6. The ancient Romans celebrated Valentine's day from February 13th to 15th as a purification fertility ceremony. 
  7. 14th of February is also considered as Singles Awareness Day (SAD)
  8. In 2015, people who used Tinder app on Valentine’s Day had 60% more matches than they normally do. 
  9. British children in the 18th and 19th centuries would celebrate Valentine’s Day by going door-to-door singing songs and sometimes begging for cake or money. 
  10. Over 100 years ago, the Chicago post office refused to deliver about 25,000 Valentine postcards because their messages were not nice.

Did you enjoy reading about the fun facts that have or usually take place? Well, now take a look at our collection of things you can do to make them feel the aroma of love.

  • No matter where you put up! A lovable text filled with your feelings is all that you need to bring a smile to her or his face.
  • Girls love gifts so do guys! So how about you buy something for your paramour who has been saving his or her salary for that.
  • Being creative is no harm until you are not making a mess at home, so how about you bake a cake or make a card for them just to let them know your love has no boundaries.
  • Take them out for a date be it a dinner or a short trip to a peaceful place in order to spend quality time with your lover.
  • At last, don’t forget to enjoy all the seven days that are Rose, Purpose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug, Kiss and Valentine's day.

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