The first thing that pops up when we think about 'Flirting' are questions that are quite often thought and asked like, why? how? What if she starts hating me? How not to do cheesy flirting? Well, There's always a solution to all these and that is healthy flirting. Although some get uneasy and annoyed when being wooed by a stranger and some enjoy the flirty nature of their friends or people they are on the urge of knowing each other.

It is always good to keep flirting with your paramour as it keeps the bond of strong and lively. As per psychological facts 'Flirting is an effective way of reducing loneliness, depression and relieving stress.' Therefore, people who are involved in the healthy flirting are likely to stay happy and cheerful. 

Valentines week arrives with an opportunity for all the flirters to express their feelings to their beloved ones. It is often considered the week of love where people across the world convey their love, affection, and passion towards each other by celebrating Kiss, Promise, Teddy, Chocolate, Rose and of course Valentine's Day. If even you are planning to surprise your lover with surprise and somewhat flirting, we have jotted down some flirting tips for you. Take a sneak peek and have an amazing, joyful, lovable week with your loved ones. 

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