Promise Day Messages 2019 - Are you all set to share latest collection of Promise Day Messages with your family and friends this Valentines? No! Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead grab your phone and simply share the alluring collection on your social networking sites.

Not just that, let your paramour know how much you adore and praise his or her presence in your life by sending a text expressing your feelings. This will surely make her feel special and loved.

We all know one particular day to express the true love is not enough but it is always fun to be a part of the fun that the entire world lauds together. So this Valentines take vows of staying together forever and not letting each other feel alone or unloved.

Best Happy Promise Day Messages - 

  • I have made lots of promises to you, Some of them became true and some left, However, today I promise you, Only to love you forever. Happy promise day……
  • God didn’t promise days without pain, Laughter without sorrow, But He promise strength for the day, Comfort for the tears, and light for the way! Happy Promise Day
  • I am here to promise you that, I love you very much, I care you a lot, That, I can never live life without you. Happy promise day….
  • Some promises are remembered, Some are forgotten, But love remains always, As usual in the heart and soul. Happy promise day……
It is great for me that you met me, And made my life purposeful, If you are with me forever, I promise you to live every moment of this life with you. Happy promise day………. "Promise Day Messages"
  • I don’t know, How to make promises, But I know that, I cannot live without you. Happy promise day……
  • Sun and moon makes round of earth and earth itself makes round on its centre, But my dear its me who only makes your round on this earth. Happy promise day…
  • Nothing in this world is truth and eternal as like as a strong believe, If you believe in me, I would be there for you always. Happy promise day….
  • I promise you I never leave you alone, I would keep you every moment in my heart, If you go away from me, I promise I would search you from any corner of this world and make you mine…. Happy promise day….
  • As flowers blooms and die, Promises too proves and fails, Love neither generates nor finishes, It always remains in heart. Happy promise day……
  • Promises varies from person to person, But I would be there forever like that for you, Hold my hand so that we together can go for long distance. Happy promise day….
  • My dear heart, I am here to promise you, I would talk to you without my egos, I would care for you without my expectations, I would love you without my personal intentions, And I always keep you in my heart without anything in return. Happy promise day……
  • I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Only Promise, That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone, Happy Promise Day!!!
  • I promise you that, You would be my star forever, I promise you that, You would be my sweetheart valentine ever. Happy promise day…….
  • You are as sweet as Rose bud You are Bright As A Star, You are cute as a kitten That’s What U Are. You Are Everything for me. Happy Promise Day.
  • You are my love and today i want to make a promise that, I would always love you like never before. Happy promise day….
  • My eyes search you, until they see you, My heart stops beating, until it feels your closeness, And my lungs stop breathing, until they get your fragrance, Please, make me promise that you would always be the reason of my happy life. Happy promise day….
  • I promise you that, I would always love you from my heart, Without ego, without intention, And care you without expectations Happy promise day…..
  • Promises always change with time, So I never make any promise to you, I only love you always, As love remains unchanged forever. Happy promise day……..
  • We Met It Was Luck!, We Talked It Was Chance!, We Became Friends It Was Destiny!, We R Still Friends It Is Faith!… We’ll Always Be Friends Its A Promise!… “On This Promise Day!!!”
On this promise day, I make you promise that, I would be the reason of every smile on your face, I would be the reason for you to live a happy life, Please come with me… "Promise Day Messages"
  • I never believed in promises, As sometimes it proves and sometimes fails I only believe in me and you, Which is enough, to make a strong bond of love between us. Happy promise day……
  • I am here to propose you with lots of love, I have nice ring for you which bring us much closer, It is a bond of love. Happy promise day….
  • Oh my dear, you are my life, You have given me a way to life, You are my happiness, you are my comfort, I make you promise that, I would never make you sad. Happy promise day….
  • Don’t make any promises to me, As promises hurts in heart, Always love to me, As it relieves in heart. Happy promise day…..

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