Love adds flavors to a beautifully built relationship by two passionate paramours. It comes with an essence of love and stays forever as a part of their life. The love is bloomed and gets sparkled once the two decides to stay loyal and committed to each other.  Shakespeare aptly stated two souls love, ‘Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at your service’. This is the perfect definition of true feelings for the paramour you want to share your life with.  

We all know Valentine's Day plays a vital role in it, nothing speaks more than the week of love for the couples. Get engaged with your partners and beloveds during the love week, surprise them with gifts like romantic messages, quotes, chocolates, teddies and make them feel special and loved. {The Saint Valentine's Day, frequently known as Valentine's Day amongst the lovers and people of today's generation is lauded on February, 14 every year. The week is celebrated by people of all age groups worldwide.} But apart from the week of love, we love hanging out, going on dates and what not with our loved ones. 

Every relationship has to go through ups and downs in order to strengthen their bond with the partner. Therefore, we have jotted down few tips for you that might help you retrieve your troubled relationship with the one you love the most. There are few exciting topics like 6 things men find attractive about a woman and relationship with him to give you a sneak peek to relationship goals. 

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