On 14th February, people who are in love celebrate this day to refresh the old times and recapture all the memories by living the same with each other.

This day is especially meant to express the love to the sweethearts, better halves, and the special ones. The Valentines day is celebrated worldwide with great excitement and delightfulness. There are many different cultures and traditions of the Valentines day that varies from country to country. Let’s enlighten the facts about how people celebrate Valentine around the world!

  • United States (US) And Canada-It is the most popular festival in the United States and it is observed as the holiday. The day is commemorated in the honor of St. Valentine and also to show the love to the heartthrobs and dear ones. Many couples exchange the gifts in the form of flowers, cards, chocolates, and candies. Sending candies is the oldest tradition with a message written on it like ‘Thank You’, ‘Cool Dude’ and ‘Be Mine’. Children also celebrate this day in schools by preparing candy boxes and cards.
  • Britain-Britain celebrates this day in a unique day. On this day, children participate in the song competition in which they sing traditional songs related to the festival and get rewarded with the gifts. People compose new poetries to dedicate St. Valentine.
  • Denmark-Here, the celebrations takes place among the young couples. They send a “Lover’s card” to each other which are colorful and musical and contains a wonderful Valentines message. Another main ritual of the day is men send a gaekkebrev (joking letter) which consist of a poem that he has penned down by himself. But the exciting part is that the letter doesn’t have the name of the sender. Instead of the name, the boys put the dots according to the number of alphabets in their names. The one who guesses the name correctly is rewarded with the easter egg.
  • Japan-In Japan, this day is also known as the “White Day”. On 14th February, women gifts chocolates and prepares cakes for the men they love and express their feelings by confessing. The chocolates can also be given to the male friend, colleague. Exactly after a month on 14th March, men pay back the gifts to the women.

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