Propose Day 2019Are you ready to welcome most happening week of the year? Valentines Week! Well, we are sure you are and can feel that aroma of love in the air. Although the happy and much in love couples don’t need a day to declare or express their love as everyday is a Valentines day for them but letting them know what significant role they play in your life, the celebration is a must! So this February, get ready to have an amazing week with you paramour as we are all set to help you out with Propose Day ideas.

Falling on the 8th of February, crush make sure they are all confident to confess their passion and love birds make sure they make their relationship more stronger to last forever. No matter how often you pop up the question and ask her to stay in your life forever, a ring in a glass of wine will surely get you a Yes this year! You can also decorate her room with red balloons, roses and a board with the most happening question a girl would love to hear or read!

Best Propose Day Wishes, SMS & Quotes - 

  • My dear beauty, I have a very sweet, Memory with you for years, But now, want to hold all the Memories forever, I want to marry you. Happy propose day……
  • I can’t imagine a life without you in it, I want to grow old with you, Let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Happy Propose Day
  • Oh my sweety, You are so sweet like sugar, You are so cool like a moon, You are so hot like a sun, You are so beautiful like a red rose, And you are so lovely to make me love forever. Happy propose day.
  • My dear heart, We are in love for years I think time has come, To get together and get married. Would you please marry me. Happy propose day……..
  • Your eyes are soft and tender, As sweet as they can be, There is one thing you must remember, You are the one for me. Happy Propose Day
Oh my Sweety, I am in love with you May be you are not in love with me, But I love you so much like a mad, May be I have no reason to be liked by you, But you have all reasons to be liked by me, And I promise you, I would love you forever. Happy propose day….
  • All I wanted was Someone to care for me, All I wanted was Someone who’d b there for me, All I ever wanted was Someone who’d b true, All I ever wanted was Someone like You, Happy Propose Day
  • I want to see you daily, I want to see you smiling, I want to see you free of stress, I am your true carer and lover, Would you please be my valentine forever. Happy propose day…
  • My dear Rose, you are like moon for me who makes my every moment beautiful with the cooling moon light, You are like a sun for me who shows me every possible way to go ahead with the so bright sun light, And you are like a beautiful garden for me who nourish me with the fresh air of plants. Happy Propose day…
  • My feelings for you have only grown stronger since the day we first met. I want to seal our bond forever today. Happy Propose Day!
  • It hurts me always, as I have no one to share my feelings, I have no one to live my life for, I have no any destination to reach, Would you please be my love, life and destination? Happy Propose Day 2019……..
  • The Minute I Heard My First Love Story, I Started Looking For You, Not Knowing How Blind That Was. Lovers Don’t Finally Meet Somewhere. They’re In Each Other All Along. Happy Propose Day
  • My dear, may be you are only somebody for whole world, But for me you are a whole world, Oh my world, make my life special and give me a way to go ahead with you.
  • Love You For Not What You Are But What I Become When I Am There With You. SO Be With Me Forever – Happy Propose Day
  • My lovely heart beats only for you, My lungs breathe only for you, My sweet eyes see only for you, My soul lives only for you Oh my sweet heart, please be my valentine. Happy propose day…….
  • I have Spent Many Sleepless Nights, In Your Love And i don’t want, My Son to Do same 4 Your Daughter, So lets make them Brother And Sister! “Happy Propose Day baby“
  • Word Have Not Enough Strength To Express My Love Towards You. My Eyes Are Enough To Express It! Happy Propose Day
  • I have white roses to say you sorry for my mistakes, I have pink roses to show my happiness for you, I have yellow roses to propose you for friendship, I have purple roses to propose you for my first sight love, And I have red roses to express you my never ending love. Happy propose day………
  • I still remember the moment... When for the first time our eyes met. And I felt butterflies in my stomach...since then my heart be with you always... Be Mine Forever
  • My dear love, I am here to propose you with a special ring of bond and love, My dear sweet heart, i am here to make you mine forever, Oh my dearest of dears, God has made me for you and you for me Come and join me to make this life full of fragrance and beauty.
  • I am so lucky to have Friend like you, But I want to make My life blessed with you I love you. Happy propose day…….
  • I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest. Happy Propose Day 2019
If I reached for your hand, will u hold it ? If I hold out my arms, will u hug me ? If I go for ur lips, will u kiss me ? If I capture ur heart, will u love me ?? Happy Propose Day
  • I have lots of colourful roses, I have a sweet heart full of love And happiness only for you, Would you be my valentine forever? Happy propose day…..
  • The First Time I Saw You, I Noticed My Heart Beat Faster & The Situation Is Same For Now Maybe Im In Love With You Happy Propose Day

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