Rose Day 2019 - The very first day of the Valentines week, Rose Day SMS is much awaited and celebrated day of the long love week. People from across the world laud the day with utmost excitement and alluring ways. If you are planning to make your paramour feel special and loved, then dear friend what are you waiting for? Get ready with a bouquet of most beautiful roses for her or him as 7 February is on its way.

We all know what significant role this adorable flower plays in a love marriage or commitment, it simply makes two lovers meet. If you have a plan to gift few to your girlfriend just to make her know how much you love and adore her presence in your life, you are simply doing your best!

Not just this, if you put up in another country or city but want to spend the week with her, give her a surprise visit before she feels alone or left out. Knock her door with a huge bouquet of red roses, along with kisses and hugs that are surely mandatory. If she is not home, decorating her room with flowers will certainly enlighten the mood of love making.

Rose Day Messages, Quotes & SMS !

  • I have a garden of red roses, But I never have any love, Whom I can wish rose day, Would you please be my sweet valentine forever, As I have both, a red rose garden and lovely heart. Happy valentine day…
  • There are many ways to reach to destination, Some are so smooth and some are so rough, But I would always chose the way you go, And never cares whether it would be smooth or rough. Happy rose day….
  • Friendship is not like the rose nor like the thorns, it is like the stem which hold both of them together till the end. Happy rose day to my dear friend.
  • May be roses change their colours, May be they die after some days, May be they stop spreading fragrance, But I never stop loving you. Happy rose day….
  • I have a beautiful little Rose in my hand, To wish you a very Happy rose day, But I want to have a real rose Like you in my life, To make my life, Beautiful and aromatic forever. Happy rose day……… "Rose Day 2019"
My heart beats when you smiles, My lungs breathe when you talk to me, The day, you become silent, I get disturbed as I get problems in breathing and beating. Happy rose day….
  • Red roses are best medium to express love, As they speak everything, True loves are enough to live whole life, As they energize and motivate forever. Happy rose day……
  • My sweet heart, My heart is not mine now, I think you are the landlord of my heart, So, care it carefully, if you like its beats. Happy rose day…
  • My dear sweety, I just want to let you know I am in love with you, For last one year, But never dared to tell you I think to rose day is perfect To tell you I love you. Happy rose day……..
  • 365 days completes a year, 24 hours completes a day, 60 minutes completes an hour, 60 seconds completes a minute And, it’s you, my dear who completes my life. Happy rose day….
  • True love never happens by planning, It happens accidentally and suddenly anytime, True love is eternal and everlasting, I may not say that i love you like that, But I would be always for you. Happy rose day…..
  • My dear sweetheart, I have bunch of red roses for you, Enjoy its perfume whole day, I have a heart full of love for you, Enjoy its love whole life. Happy rose day……..
  • I have spent many sleepless nights, In making plans of how I would give you red roses On this rose day, But, finally I found the way and dare, To give you red roses. Happy rose day…
  • I know that true love is full of lots of thorns So what roses are also blooms among thorns I want to love you ever and every single moment of my life, Just like roses, they always spread their fragrance to all. Happy rose day…..
  • Oh dear, I want you to start your Lovely rose day, With a bunch of roses Sent by me. Good morning and happy rose day…….
  • Your eyes are so deep like an ocean, Your voice is so sweet like a cuckoo, Your lips are so soft like rose petals, I think you have been made only one piece by God especially for me. Happy rose day…..
  • Roses are so beautiful and liked by everyone, It does not matter they grow among lots of thorns, Love is blind, As it does not matter the outlook of a person. Happy rose day……
  • Oftenly, I am used to of to see you, I do not know the reasons, But it gives me relief and lots of peace, Please accept my red roses. Happy rose day….
  • I want a place within you, Not in mind but in heart, I want to get spread like a rose fragrance within you, I want to give you a bunch of red roses and let you know how I love you. Happy rose day…..
  • I like everything about you, I like everything what you like, But I love you more than you. Happy roe day……
The red roses I am giving to you, Are symbol of my eternal love to you, The fragrance of roses, Indicates my never ending love to you. Happy rose day…..
  • My dear red rose, I cannot imagine my life without you, Just like we cannot imagine rose day celebration Without red roses. Happy rose day……. "Rose Day 2019"
  • I want to live every moment with you, I want to share my feelings with you, I want to share your sadness with me, I want to make you my life’s special one. Would you be. Happy rose day……
  • Rose petals make a beautiful rose flower, Punctuality makes a person a successful person, But, for me, it’s you, who made me a complete man. Happy rose day…
  • My dear little sweet rose, I never live my days without Thinking about you, You have become my habit, And now my need to live happy life. Happy rose day………

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